Four Types of Books

There are four types of books taking precedence in my life at the moment: 

Books I’m writing

Books I’ve published

Books that help me be a better writer

Books I’ve read

This page is personal!

Books I'm Writing

I’m excited to announce Moral Code is available September 20, 2022. You can pre-order the book now. I’m working on the PR for the book launch, including guest blogs, interviews, and articles. Topics already requested cover topics like Women in STEM, Ethical AIs, Writing Sci-Fi, and Writing a Novel with Your Spouse.

I’m seeking representation for Moral Code’s film rights. 

Research is in progress for my next book. Powerful women, both current and historical, plus amazing jewelry all play a part. 

Moral Code

Dr. Kiera Stetson created Elly, an ethical artificial intelligence, running within the parameters of her Moral Operating System. When the new owner of her company introduces her to SmartDust, surveillance nanites, what she hears turns her life sideways. Her personal commitment to help and protect kids is also embedded within Elly. As they covertly challenge child abuse in their city, some may question if they are playing inside their ethical boundaries. Others, just want to control the technology.

Available September 20, 2022

Moral Code's Digital AI
STEM Club Goes Exploring

The STEM Club Goes Exploring

Inspired Kids Become Inspiring Adults

In The STEM Club Goes Exploring, students explore science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers. While interviewing STEM professionals, the students prepare to make career presentations during their school’s Favorites Day. Join the STEM Club members as they make field trips to a video game company, a veterinary clinic, a hospital, and even a mine, to learn more about career opportunities for professionals in STEM fields. Author Lois Melbourne, of the My Future Story series, inspires readers to identify their passions, explore them, and shape their own future stories.

Kids Go To Work Day

Inspired Kids Become Inspiring Adults

In Kids Go to Work Day,  students explore careers while taking charge of their own version of ‘Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day’. Their field trips lead to a variety of companies.

A culinary school shares career options in the restaurant and food service industry. A trip to a nonprofit shows the students how its unique jobs help people in need. At a candy factory and a publishing company they find jobs they’d never heard of.

Now they are full of inspiration when asked ”What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Kids Go To Work Day Book Cover

Books Helping Authors

So many books are educating me on the art of writing. This section will grow in number and links as I mine my book shelves for the gems within.

While this list includes books designed for writing and creativity, All the books on my Goodreads list have shaped my writing in some way. 

A few to get started...

Bird by Bird, Anne Lamott

Poem Crazy,  Susan Goldsmith Woolridge

Zen in the Art of Writing, Ray Bradbury

12 Key Pillars of Novel Construction, C.S. Lakin

Power of Point of View, Alicia Rasley

90 Days to Your Novel, Sarah Domat

Many more to come…

Books I've Read

I read in many genres. I enjoy audio books too. (at 1.7 or 2x speed) The best way I’ve found to keep track of what I read is Goodreads.

I’d love to discuss books with you. Connect with me on Goodreads. Their logo on the left will take you straight to my page.