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Moral Code

Dr. Keira Stetson wants to use her passion for technology to make the world a better place for children. But after a calamitous earthquake nearly destroys everything she’s worked so hard for, she finds opportunity in an innovative technology developed by a mysterious billionaire – the very technology that rescued her from her demolished building.

Will this new technology help Keira advance Elly, her Ethical Artificial Intelligence system, or can it be used to do harm? As powerful outsiders begin to reveal their intentions, Keira and Elly must fight an epic battle to keep this promising technology out of the wrong hands…before it’s too late.

Meet the Author

Lois Melbourne

Chief Story Officer

"Curiosity is certainly in the top five gifts we have in our lifetime."

As a former software CEO, entrepreneur, author, partner, wife, mom and active community participant, Lois Melbourne’s curiosity and zest for life has certainly led her down many paths.

These experiences, among many others, fuel her passion for continuous learning, as well as her desire to tell stories and help others excel by challenging the intellectual status quo.

Get to know Lois, and learn how the concepts most important to her—technology, humanity, integrity and curiosity—all coalesce in the thrilling narrative of “Moral Code.”

100% of proceeds generated through the sales of Moral Code will be donated to help fight the child abuse and human trafficking of kids. We start with these donations to PreventChildAbuse.org and Thorn.org.

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Reviews of Moral Code



“5.0 out of 5 stars…‘Putting kids before profits, egos, and power’ — Excellent new sci-fi novel!”
Grady Harp


“This is a very unique story that offers lots of insights into technology. Fans of science fiction and techno-thrillers will really enjoy these characters and the premise of the book.”
Phil Bolos


“This one's a fresh concept and definitely something out of the box. If you love science and AI-driven stories, this one's made for you!”
Aparna Preethi