About Lois

Lois is an author presenting visions of “what if…” She is a former software CEO and entrepreneur. She has written her first novel, Moral Code, in collaboration with her business partner and husband, Ross. She found the greatest challenge in writing sci-fi is the juggle between advancing the technology’s timeline while also moving the story forward.

She spent eighteen years translating the uses, power and benefits of software created by her husband and his team, helping corporations around the world. They are at it again, as she weaves the story around his technology visions. Together they built a global business, now they’re telling the world about a future that is possible when technology is more ethical than mankind. Their book Moral Code is available for pre-order now. The manuscript is also available for screen options. More stories are in the making.

She writes because there are stories to tell and wonders to interpret and translate for others. She believes in science and rejects that we must expect a dystopian future because we embrace technology. Her reading crosses a wide variety of genres, which she intends to also explore in her writing. The four traits she admires most in people: integrity, empathy, strong work ethic, and curiosity.

Within her non-profit, My Future Story, she’s the published author of “STEM Club Goes Exploring“ and “Kids Go To Work Day”.  She coaches kids and schools through the wonderment of career exploration. Inspired kids become inspiring adults. Her mission is to inspire kids towards purposefully designing their futures. In her activism, she works to make voting assessable and possible for more people. Working the polls during elections is also incredible people-watching experience.

Raised in Iowa and then Missouri, she moved to warmer Texas, as soon as she had the power to choose. Her favorite quote at the moment is “I reserve the right to learn new things and change in response to those new learnings.”

Residing on a tree filled acreage, she doesn’t sit in a  conventional desk chair when writing creatively.


Beyond Writing

Lois is available for virtual discussions with book clubs reading Moral Code.

Community engagement is important to Lois. Beyond writing Lois is involved in Young Presidents Organization (YPO Dallas Maverick Chapter), the Board for the Library Foundation for Southlake, Renegade Book Club, mentoring students or entrepreneurs, and her non-profit My Future Story. She helps citizens register to vote and works the voting polls each election.

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Lois's Favorites Beyond Words

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Current Motivating Quote "Your passion is waiting for your courage to catch up."

- Isabelle Lafleche